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  • Segmental osetotomy in the correction of anterior bite


    The management of the anterior open bite may be quite  challenging  and in some cases necessitates a multidisciplinary approach.  We present here a  patient suffering from an anterior open bite with an ankylosed central incisor due to previous trauma. The anterior open bite was corrected using conventional orthodontics and the ankylosed incisor was repositioned in the correct tri dimensional position using segmental osteotomy. The repositioned bone block needed 5 months of stabilization and the prosthetic rehabilitation of the anterior maxilla was completed using e-max crowns. At 24 months ,the result  was stable with no relapse and an excellent pink and white esthetic score.

    Dr.Peter Tawil
  • How to Treat Gummy Smile Cases without Surgery?


    This Webinar outlines the treatment of gummy smiles cases without surgery.

    How to develop smile differential diagnosis Detail the protocol used and the importance of an individualized treatment planning Show mechanics applied during gummy smile correction. Demonstrate how to push the orthodontic limits by using mini-implants.

    Joseph BouSerhal
  • Prosthetic rehabilitation of anterior maxilla

    This case presentation video outlines the multidisciplinary approach in the prosthetic rehabilitation of the anterior maxilla. The orthrodontic treatment was handled by Dr Cherif massoud. The prosthetic crown lengthening surgery completed by Dr.Peter Tawil. The Prosthetic rehabilitation using Emax- CAD/CAM laminate veneers completed by Pr.Ziad Salameh

    Length: 11:00 min 

    Dr. Peter Tawil. Pr Ziad Salameh