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  • Silver point removal from A to Z

    This webinar outlines the protocol behind silver point removal techniques. clinical applications and cases with long term follow up.
    Pr.Walid Nehme
  • 3D imaging in Endodontics a precious tool for diagnosis and treatment plan.

    In this webinar Pr. Koyess explores the importance of the  role of CBCT in diagnosis of endodontic problems. 3 D imaging establishes an accurate treatment plan for conventional endodontics , it can help prepare a computer visual support for case presentation to the patient and predict the surgical procedure in microsurgical endodontics
    Pr. Edmond Koyess
  • Retreatment using XP Endo shaper

    Step by step documentation of the re treatment of a  mandibular molar using off label use of  XP Endo Shaper
    Pr.Hani Ounsi
  • New technologies, same old anatomy: How to adapt the endodontic treatment ?


    This webinar helps us understand the complexity of the root canal system,adjusting the tools according to specific anatomical situation, dealing with curvatures, supplementary canals, calcified system and large foramina and introduces us to new irrigation tools

    Video length : 27:39 min

    Dr.Mark Kaloustian
  • Clinical Strategies for Broken File Retrieval

    In this Webinar Dr.Habib introduces us to the Clinical Strategies for Broken File Retrieval. From Diagnosis and case selection to the anatomical factors of influence and proper tools selection. All supported by clinical cases and video of all interventions.

    Video length 28:35 min
    Dr.Marc Habib

    In this webinar Dr Safi Lists the challenges associated with traditional root canal sealers describes Bioceramics clinical and biological
    properties,Illustrates how Bioceramics can overcome challenges encountered during root canal obturation.

    Time :59:49 min
    Dr.Chafic Safi