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  • GBR with Titanium mesh a case presentation

    This case presentation outlines a three dimensional reconstruction of a deficient edentulous maxilla using Titanium Mesh and guided bone regeneration. PDGF (Gem21s) was added to the Bone graft and a collagen membrane was used to cover the Titanium mesh. 5 months post op 4 implants were placed in the regenerated bone. 

    Length: 11:37 min

    Dr. Peter Tawil
  • Surgical extraction of impacted third molar +GBR +implant

    This case presentation video outlines the surgical extraction of an impacted third molar + autogenous bone harvesting using scrapers+ GBR on deficient canine site for future implant placement also adding PRF membranes. Re-entry at 4 months an 2 implants  placement and final crowns in place
    Video Length: 5:30 min 

    Pr Georges Tawil
  • Enucleation of Mandibular Keratocyst

    This video demonstrates the surgical curettage of a mandibular keratocyst. The window access using piezosurgery the curettage of the cyst rinsing and cleaning of the borders and cavity. And 2 weeks follow up 

    Video length 4:45 min 

    Pr.Georges Tawil
  • Unusual extraction of impacted third and second molar

    This video outlines the extraction on two impacted teeth the second and third molar in an usual clinical situation and proximity to the the dental nerve.

    Video  length 7:19 min
    Pr.Georges Tawil
  • Segmental osetotomy in the correction of anterior bite


    The management of the anterior open bite may be quite  challenging  and in some cases necessitates a multidisciplinary approach.  We present here a  patient suffering from an anterior open bite with an ankylosed central incisor due to previous trauma. The anterior open bite was corrected using conventional orthodontics and the ankylosed incisor was repositioned in the correct tri dimensional position using segmental osteotomy. The repositioned bone block needed 5 months of stabilization and the prosthetic rehabilitation of the anterior maxilla was completed using e-max crowns. At 24 months ,the result  was stable with no relapse and an excellent pink and white esthetic score.

    Dr.Peter Tawil
  • Lateral Nerve repositioning

    The management of the posterior edentulous mandible could be quite challenging when it is deficient in height and width. With very limited height of bone above the mandibular one approach are used to restore the are with implant retained prosthesis: the lateral repositioning of the mandibular nerve. A unique technique used in certain indication. This videos show the technique used implant placement and  7 years post op follow up xray.

    Video Length 8:07 Min

    Pr.Georges Tawil
  • Extraction- Immediate implant + GBR

    This case presentation video outlines the extraction of a severely internally resorbed central incisor and the immediate replacement with a dental implant + GBR ( complete loss of buccal plate ) and the result at 4 months. 
    Pr Georges Tawil
  • Split Ridge and sinus lift case presentation

    This case presentation seminar is about the rehabilitation of a deficient maxilla using intra-oral donor sites and bone substitutes. The technique used in the maxilla was cortical split ridge and bi-lateral external sinus lifting. 8 implants in the maxilla and 8 implants in the mandible were placed and a full mouth fixed prosthesis (porcelain fused to metal crowns) was used to rehabilite the patient. 

    Video Length 12:36min 

    Pr.Georges Tawil